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Reverse Engineering a PCB with GIMP pseudo X-ray

Years ago an¬†orthodontist¬†friend of mine, Neil, who was, by night, an electronic¬†enthusiastic, used to reverse engineer printed circuit boards (PCB) by x-raying them in his office x-ray machine. In this way he could see simultaneously see both the PCB’s front … Continue reading

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Wireless Remote Control PT2272 for Arduino

UPDATE: In addition to this post, there is also a more recent one titled “A Revisit of the PT2262 PT2272 with Arduino and r06a Receiver” If you find value in this post I believe that you will also like the … Continue reading

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GSM Auto-Dial Alarm System

We all know, all to well, that most of the electronic consumer products marketed by US brands are manufactured in China. The Chinese do a pretty good job manufacturing the devices and Americans do a pretty good job of documenting, … Continue reading

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