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Electronic Geocoin

I used pcb-rnd to design a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a “geographical” shape, the shape of the state of Florida, for a Christmas present of six assembled devices for my brother who lives in Ocala Florida and is an … Continue reading

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Manjaro Update Woes & Resolutions

On August 18, 2018 I updated my Manjaro Linux system with the arrival of a rather large update and it broke my printers. I have three printers, all Brother brand – one USB connected HL-2140 laser printer, one WiFi connected … Continue reading

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Linux Associate file icon and application

I could not get association of a file icon, mime type and application to work satisfactorily. There are numerous how-tos on the Internet but all are incomplete or wrong. The greatest help, for me, was the ARCH Linux Default applications help … Continue reading

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Universal programmer dusted off

Lately, I have increased my microprocessor/gadget activity after a hiatus/slow down. A project that I have been (slowly) working on was developed and debugged on an Arduino NANO but the final target is a surface mounted SOIC ATtiny85-20SUR operating at 3-Volts. … Continue reading

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Dubious eBay SD Cards – Caveat Emptor

Over the years, I have purchased a number of SD cards through eBay – often shipped directly from China. Today I was reading the setup instructions for a recent acquisition – a PINE-64 board. Pine-64 was adamant that the micro-SD … Continue reading

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Revisiting+ WLX-652 e/w SnakeOS

NOTE: This was originally a May, 2015 post but I just revised it today, June 26, 2016. Back in 2012 I wrote about the SnakeOS flashed WLX-652 device ( See Original Post ). As I said then, I actually purchased … Continue reading

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EASYCAP analog to digital Video Encoder for Linux

A couple of days ago while attending a meeting of the Western North Carolina Linux Users Group (WNCLUG) someone asked if anyone knew how to get an EASYCAP analog to digital Video Encoder fob working on Linux. I’ve posted a photo … Continue reading

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Amazing Little $9 Computer

Yesterday, the postman delivered my $9 CHIP computer that I ordered in June, 2015 as a KickStarter pledge. It cost $9 for the CHIP Computer plus $5 in shipping. My pledge read: $9 PLEDGE LEVEL C.H.I.P. Get learning and making on … Continue reading

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A refresh of my revisit of the WLX-652

My IP-Camera image gallery solution described in my PREVIOUS POST was working well for browsers other than Firefox. Firefox doesn’t handle cache like other browsers. The retrieved images were cached and even a page refresh would not retrieve a new … Continue reading

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Current State of QU-BD One-Up 3D Printer project

UPDATE: The current state of my QU-BD One-Up 3D Printer project is that the printer is finished but I am having problems with the preferred host software, Repetier. After assembly there was a significant gantry sag. The One-Up gantry is … Continue reading

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