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Garden Light – Updated

NOTE: Some updates are at the end of the article. Recently I purchased a couple of Solar powered LED garden path lights at the local Dollar Tree store for $1 each. Ever since I read‘s writeup on converting such … Continue reading

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I2C LCD Display

I recently acquired, via eBay, a 40X4 HD44780 based LCD screen that has a daughter-board on the back that provides an I2C interface, labled “LCD2004“. This permits interfacing with only two wires (SDA/SCL) plus ground and 5-volts. This particular board is sold by … Continue reading

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Universal Adapter for Arduino/ATmel USBasp programmer

A while back I fabricated a socket adapter for my USBasp programmer for use with the eight pin ATtiny85 DIP package microcontrollers. I used a RadioShack Catalog #: 276-150 prototype board, an 8-pin socket, some header pins and wires to create … Continue reading

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