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Tempered Glass Smartphone Screens

I just finished installing five tempered glass screen covers onto two LG G2, one Motorola G5 Plus and two Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones. I used Supershieldz because of many rave reviews about their product. Well, I’ll add my rave review. … Continue reading

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SMS from Arduino

A few¬†weeks ago I was chatting with my mail carrier who is also a beekeeper. I mean LOTS of bees with some hives in remote locations. He has a friend that is working on a system that weighs hives and … Continue reading

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Is a $30 smartphone worth buying?

Is a $30 smartphone worth buying? I recently purchased a Posh Orion mini blue Model s350a smartphone. Although Posh Mobile lists a MSRP of $80 I cannot imagine anyone paying that much. It is readily available on eBay for under … Continue reading

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Rooting my SmartPhone

Most Android smartphone users have abandoned the 3G platforms in favor of newer platforms but many people, like me are staying with 3G for the foreseeable future. In my case, I use an unlocked HTC Droid Incredible 2 with Verizon … Continue reading

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Replacement Cheapo Cell Phone Battery – the Good and the Bad

[Update at end] I currently use an HTC Droid Incredible 2 smartphone. I like many things about the phone but I hate the battery life. Battery life is less than my previous Samsung phone and I set about improving it. … Continue reading

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Cheap way to add SMS to a Linux PC or microcontroller or Arduino etc.

With a long term goal of being able to add the ability to send/receive SMS text messages, over cellular telecommunications, to/from an Arduino-type remote device, I read the blog of New Zealander¬†Brody Radford with interest. His blog explains the simple … Continue reading

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