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Pololu USB AVR Programmer V2

I recently purchased another ATmel AVR programmer. I normally use a USBasp programmer with out-of-circuit chips and, less frequently, in-circuit chips. Anyway, Pololu is an electronics manufacturer based in the USA, specifically Los Vegas, Nevada. I’ve previously used a couple of … Continue reading

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All SMD Radio Transmitter

In a current personal(1), i.e., not for sale or distribution, project I have been using a Chinese ASK radio transmitter module – the STX-882, which I posted about back in February of this year. The STX-882 works well BUT being … Continue reading

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Chinese SOIC-8 test clips for in-Circuit Programming – Part 2

Last April I wrote about the cheap Chinese SOIC-8 test clips. In that post I primarily discussed the wiring – specifically that, as wired, it isn’t useful for in-circuit programming of the ATTiny85 SMD SOIC-8W chip. Ultimately, I rewired the … Continue reading

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An inexpensive Software Enabled Pseudo-Transceiver for Arduino

Recently I taught a brief, three hour long, Arduino 101 course to some fellow members of the Western North Carolina Linux Users Group (WNCLUG). One of the three lessons in the course was for the students to pair off and … Continue reading

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Programming the ATTINY85-20SUR

This post ties together my two previous posts, “ATtiny85 SOIC chip Program Adapter” and “Universal programmer dusted off“. I inserted the ATTINY85-20SUR nested in the SOIC Adapter Socket OTS-20-1.27-01,  plugged it into my DIY Universal Programmer socket and connected it up to my USBasp programmer. … Continue reading

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A Revisit of the PT2262 PT2272 with Arduino and r06a Receiver

A year ago, on July 19th, reader Jeff posted that he had an inexpensive Chinese motion detectors that used the 2262 chipset. He was having some trouble getting it working with the r06a receiver as in my July 2012 post … Continue reading

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SD Card Module and Temperature Sensor

I recently tested two new modules that I received from Chinese suppliers: a SD Card Module made by LC Technology (www. lctech-inc.com) and a DHT-11 Temp & Humidity sensor. My test makes 25 temperature/humidity readings (inside my house) and writes them … Continue reading

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Ethernet Module Test

Today some modules were delivered from China. One was a ENC28J60 Ethernet module made by “LC STUDIO”. There are many variants available on eBay – just search eBay for “ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Module”. I purchased mine from Polida via eBay … Continue reading

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Arduino Teaches Old Coder New Tricks

In September, 2012, my article of this title was published by Linux Journal magazine. A blog version of the article is below. Background The first significant electronic circuit that I designed and implemented was in 1973 and consisted of several … Continue reading

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Cheap way to add SMS to a Linux PC or microcontroller or Arduino etc.

With a long term goal of being able to add the ability to send/receive SMS text messages, over cellular telecommunications, to/from an Arduino-type remote device, I read the blog of New Zealander Brody Radford with interest. His blog explains the simple … Continue reading

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