A Good Laser Printer for Linux

A month ago I purchased, via Amazon, a new Brother MFC-L2710DW wireless laser printer/scanner/copier/fax e/w multi-sheet feed and 2-sided printing. Apparently I unknowingly bought it during a big sale because I paid $109 yet the current price is $199. Anyway, it is a great printer that works flawlessly with Linux.  I don’t know why I got 45% off  but if you are interested watch for a sale. You don’t have to pay the MSRP of $199.99 as many websites offer the printer at discounted prices. It is a great printer even if you don’t get 45% off.

I had a perfectly good Brother HL-L2380DW laser printer/scanner/copier/fax BUT it did not do 2-sided copying or have a multi-sheet feeder. It was given to me for free so when my new Brother MFC-L2710DW was delivered by the postman I gave the old HL-L2380DW to him – passing the favor along. He is a beekeeper and needed a printer for his beekeeping workshop.

Brother supplies Linux drivers for all of its printers but, in my case, those drivers are in the Manjaro/arch repository so installation was a breeze on my Manjaro system.
The MFC-L2710DW is much faster than the old HL-L2380DW and I really like it. It handles thicker paper and envelopes easily, as well.
If you need a good Linux-supported laser printer I recommend the Brother MFC-L2710DW

CAVEAT:  The TN760 toner cartridges for the Brother MFC-L2710DW have an embedded Integrated Circuit chip that tracks page count. You’ll see “Don’t buy” warnings from some people because of this. I don’t agree. Personally, I’ve had mixed results with non-OEM toner cartridges but most often I don’t use them primarily because Brother’s toner does not contain fuser oil like most, if not all 3rd part cartridges and toner with fuser oil works poorly for making heat transfer printed circuit board masks. Admittedly, there are new “no heat toner transfer” methods that I have not yet tried and they may work with fuser oil present. If you want to avoid the OEM cartridges just search YouTube for “replace chip of TN760 toner cartridge”. EBay even sells 3rd party TN760 chips in bulk.

BTW: This is an unsolicited endorsement. I have no relationship with Brother – I just like their products and especially their good Linux support.


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