GeoCoin – My 2nd Electronic geocoin

This is my second electronic GeoCoin using the same electronic design. My first geocoin was one shaped like the state of Florida – see THIS-LINK. This one is in a more traditional geocoin shape. The only thing that it does is blink and LED on the top of the board. It should blink for a minimum of a year using a three volt coin cell. I have it blinking once per minute but the rate can be varied by changing the value of R4 and/or C1 which can be seen in the schematic, which is shown in the video.

This was a prototype and design defects will mandate another version. The diameter is too small to accommodate a larger space to write the tracking number. I may be able to scratch in a tracking number on this board ‘s small space with a sharp point BUT it would be difficult. This is a work in progress. A slow work.

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