Smartphone screen adhesive – some empirical information

When installing a replacement screen on a Samsung Galaxy S5 I used a Chinese
product named “ECO-FUSED” in a 2mm width. When I removed the original factory adhesive I noticed that it seemed a bit thick – certainly thicker than
the ECO-FUSED product. I had a lot of trouble getting the ECO-FUSED to hold
the screen to the body. I deduced that the ECO-FUSED product was too thin
for the Galaxy S5’s adhesion surface area design, especially along the sides. After
three tries I ended up using two layers of ECO-FUSED before screen adhesion
looked promising. Even then it still popped up in places. This morning I have applied compression clamps along the edges and I will leave them on for 24 hours
to see if that works better.

OBSERVATION – ECO-FUSED is (1) not sticky enough for good screen adhesion,
at least for this phone; (2) not thick enough for this phone.

I did some research. I measured the adhesive thickness of ECO-FUSED using
a micrometer. Using a piece of paper I applied ECO-FUSED tape to one edge
of a piece of paper, folded the paper to create two paper thicknesses plus
the adhesive in the middle. I then measured the glued side versus the no
glue side to determine the thickness of ECO-FUSED. It is 0.09mm thick. So,
two layers of ECO-FUSED is 0.18mm.

A commonly recommended tape is Tesa 61395. It is 0.2mm thick per the
manufacturer. The thickness seems to be more appropriate for the Galaxy S5
and it classified by the manufacturer as “high bonding strength”. I’m
going to purchase some in case the ECO-FUSED continues to fail for me.
Tesa 61395 tape is readily purchasable on-line.

BTW – Tesa 61345 is identical to 61395 except that it is 0.23mm thick. I
would really like to try a roll of it but it is NOT readily available

UPDATE 1: It is now a couple of days later and the result is – FAILURE. One side is holding but the other side has popped loose, as has the top. I ordered some Tesa 61395 tape and hope that it will be delivered this week. I will never use the ECO-FUSED again, at least not for smartphone screens.

UPDATE 2: My order of Tesa 61395 arrived today. I used the micrometer as previously described and, yes, Tesa 61345 is 0.2mm thick. I removed the old ECO-FUSED tape and scraped clean the surfaces clean. I didn’t clean with any solvent because all that I have handy is rubbing alcohol with high water percentage and some Naptha. The Tesa 61395 “seems” to adhere better but the bottom of one side is being stubborn about sticking. Some hair drier heat, some spring clamps and I’ll let it sit overnight. Time will tell.

UPDATE 3: Tesa 61395 IS the best solution. Its adhesion works beautifully. Throw all other tape away!


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