Video on Creating pcb-rnd PCB footprint e/w Silk from part’s PDF spec

When I create Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), I prefer using the program pcb-rnd. Pcb-rnd was originally forked from gEDA’s PCB program but it has incorporated so many new functions and features that its capabilities far exceed the gEDA’s PCB program from which it sprang. Many of pcb-rnd new or improved options are new to me so I made a video on Creating a subcircuit including Silk from the Part’s PDF using inkscape. A subcircuit is pcb-rnd’s take on a PCB part “footprint”. I did this video partly to help others new to the process and partly as a refresher for the future me. This part is a coin cell battery retainer that I am using in a project.

The pcb-rnd’s lead reviewed the video and supplied some some suggestions for improving the process that I used. I’ve included them in the comments below the video – click the “SHOW MORE” text. So, the video has some areas needing improvement but isn’t without value in its current form.

YouTube Link:

If you are interested in trying pcb-rnd, it is available in the repository of various Linux desktop distributions with official packages in Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux and also can built from from source. Compatible operating systems are Linux, Mac OS X, IRIX 5.3 and OpenBSD.

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