Useful Small PCB Work holder

I was watching a YouTube video series about removing and replacing a BGA IC and the talented technician was using a really useful looking PCB holder. You’ll see the PCB holder at 3:50 into the YouTube video link below. The video is in Vietnamese but that doesn’t really matter as you can clearly understand what he is doing. Unfortunately, my first BGA removal was a failure because I was a bit too eager to lift the chip, applied too much pressure and lifted several BGA traces on the PCB. I fear that the board is ruined beyond recovery. I should have first practiced on a junk board.

I purchased one of these useful little PCB holder via eBay and it arrived yesterday – see my photo below. It seems well made and I definitely believe that it will be as useful as in the video. The base is a painted steel and the vise parts are plated but show machining marks so they may be machined rather than cast, which is a good thing. The base measures 12cm x 8cm. I purchased mine for $3.41-USD (including shipping) from eBay seller “94racing-us“. It was delivered in twelve days from order.  Domestic delivery is often slower than that  and this came across the globe from China.


PCB Holder – Empty and loaded with a PCB


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