Santa Light – What’s Inside

During the Christmas season I found a Santa light at the local Dollar Tree store. Knowing that it is just a garden light with a Santa head, I bought one just to experiment with. OK – I’m a little obsessed with these garden lights – BUT – that IS how this blog started. One of my earliest posts was about a garden light.

Every garden light that I examine has something unique about it. Santa’s electronics had differences. First, the ASIC chip is a new one to me. I cannot find a specification sheet for it but, based on haw it is wired, it is similar to the YX805A. It is marked “F1 4S597”. The other unique thing is the battery. It is a small “2/3AAA” NiCd 100mAh battery. Every other light that I’ve encountered uses a AAA NiCd/NiMH battery. Other than this and the shape of the housing there is nothing unusual in the design.

Disassembly and oscilloscope photos are below, as well as my reverse engineered schematic. (Click photo to enlarge) Enjoy!


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