Programming the ATTINY85-20SUR

This post ties together my two previous posts, “ATtiny85 SOIC chip Program Adapter” and “Universal programmer dusted off“. I inserted the ATTINY85-20SUR nested in the SOIC Adapter Socket OTS-20-1.27-01,  plugged it into my DIY Universal Programmer socket and connected it up to my USBasp programmer. I first burned the bootloader and then burned a typical “blink” program. Next, I plugged the ATTINY85-20SUR/ SOIC Adapter Socket into a small breadboard that I have for a Arduino Uno ProtoShield (it was my only empty breadboard) and connected 3.3V power from a handy breadboard power supply.

Everything worked nicely so I can now move on to the next phase of a long-running project that I’m working on. I’ve put a small video below that will give you a visual context of what I did.

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