ATtiny85 SOIC chip Program Adapter

When I purchased some surface mount ATtiny85 microcontrollers I didn’t realize that Atmel sold them in several widths, so I purchased the incorrect size SOIC programming adapter that would have enabled me to program the chip prior to soldering it onto the PCB. I had purchased ATTINY85-20SUR chips which use Atmel’s package type “8S2”. Using a micrometer, I measured the pin widths on a ATTINY85-20SUR and it measures 7.87mm, which is within the range specified by Atmel – 7.62mm to 8.38mm wide pin edge to pin edge.

So, back to eBay I go and I purchased a SOIC Adapter Socket OTS-20-1.27-01 mounted on a small PCB and sold as a SOIC Programmer Adapter Socket compatible with 200/208mil SOIC, 1.27mm Pitch. The PCB is wired to facilitate programming on a breadboard. Wiring is pin to pin, thus SOIC pin 1 goes to PCB pin1, etc. See Figure 1, below.

SOIC Socket From eBay

Figure 1: SOIC Socket From eBay

Figure 2, below, illustrates the ATmel specifications for the ATTINY85-20SUR chip and what I actually measured.


atmel SOIC spec

Figure 2: ATmel 8S2 SOIC spec

The very short video clip, below, demonstrates how easy it is to insert/remove a 8S2 SOIC chip in the SOIC Adapter Socket OTS-20-1.27-01.


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1 Response to ATtiny85 SOIC chip Program Adapter

  1. Janel says:

    I was looking for this adapter for a long time, bought an 150mil and it did not worked.
    Thank you, very useful!


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