Fifth Print – getting Better

I completed my 5th print using the QU-BD One Up 3D printer. It is getting good enough to do something useful. This print was another Suburu logo because I wanted to get that right before trying something harder. This time it pretty much matches the design .stl file in Repeatier

I messed with the slicer settings and “messed” is the operative word, as in messed up. After a great deal of research, mostly on the forum, I got the printer back to printing, and even a bit better than before. I’m sure that I can smooth it out a bit by fiddling with slic3r settings but, for now, it is good enough!

5th Print of Suburu logo

5th Print of Suburu logo

My slic3r settings, as of today are listed at THIS-LINK.

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One Response to Fifth Print – getting Better

  1. acassis says:

    Very nice! You are improving the print quality very much!


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