QU-BD One-Up’s First Attempt at printing

After, many, many stumbles, I attempted my first print. It was going well, at first, and then the filament stopped feeding. The QU-BD One-Up’ filament feed is quite crude, with minimal tensioning capability. There are folks with fixes posted on the Internet, so I’ll be reading those in detail. Also, the extruder temperature and/or feed rate are not correct. Anyway, I was pretty happy to get it to do anything. The video at the link below shows it printing a Suburu logo while the filament feed was working.


UPDATE: I adjusted the filament tension and attempted a second print of the Suburu logo. It turned out better but some fine tuning is still needed. I think that, in this case, the extruder head was too close to the bed, causing fattening of the print surface. Possibly something else is wrong, like too much filament tension. I only know enough about 3D printing to be dangerous. I am, however, happy to see the 3D printer working as well as it is. I suspect that the only obstacle to complete success is my own ignorance about the subtleties of 3D printing. The photo below is the somewhat mutilated Suburo logo.


2nd Attempt at Suburu Logo

2nd Attempt at Suburu Logo

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One Response to QU-BD One-Up’s First Attempt at printing

  1. acassis says:

    Hi Celem,
    Don’t worry, we faced filament jamming on MakerBot Replicator 2X as well, then it is a frequent issue of 3D printers. Your printer is very nice, it is a low cost that works!


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