3D Printer Update

UPDATE concerning progress on my QU-BD 3D printer of my previous post.

I was missing two small metric hex-head bolts and was unable to siurce them locally. I submitted a trouble ticket to the factory and the ended up sending me the wrong parts. So, another trouble ticket and, eventually, I received the correct parts.

Today, I finished the mechanical assembly of the QU-BD 3D One-Up printer (see photo below). Before I start the electronics part of the assembly I want to correct something that I think is just wrong. The gantry is supported by sleeve bearings that are held in place only by tie-wraps. The Z-axis screw rod is only on one side and the Tie-wraps have just enough play that I think that it will end up chattering when moving up and down. I am going to jump into the QU-BD forums and see how others have solved this issue before I tackle the electronics.

qu-bd mechanical only

qu-bd mechanical only


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