Ordered a 3D Printer

3D printers have always intrigued me but were out of my price range. While prices have dropped I really have no genuine need for one so the price had to get really low for me to spring for one. Well, such as 3D printer has become available – $199.

A KickStarter project called QU-BD One Up caught my attention. It is small but adequate for the small parts that I envision making. The pledge group that signed up for delivers in January. The December and January deliveries are both now sold out but, as I originally wrote this, there are 172 seats left for a February delivery.After a play with it a bit and learn the ropes expect me to post a bit about it.

My kit arrived in early April.

The promotional video is at THIS-LINK.

UPDATE: May 11, 2014 – I spent two hours working on the mechanical assembly. The assembly instructions were less than inspiring and less than clear. Fortunately, the company posted a You-Tube video that helped enormously and about two hours I had most of the mechanical assembly done. My kit was shorted some washers and bolts and I will have to contact the factory to get them. I would source locally except that they are rather special and I am unlikely to find them where I live – so, I’ll wait for the factory.

Right after I received the kit, I partially assembled the extruder kit (shown below). It is missing two special bolts so I cannot finish it yet.

Extruder Head partially assembled

Extruder Head partially assembled

In the AM, the kit looked like this:

Kit Parts

Kit Parts

In the PM, the partially assembled kit looked like this:

Partially assembled 3D printer

Partially assembled 3D printer

ANOTHER UPDATE – May 29, 2014

My kit was shorted a couple of small Hex-Head metric bolts and I couldn’t source them locally. I filed a trouble ticket with the manufacturer but they sent me the wrong parts so I had to file another trouble ticket. This time the correct part arrived.

This afternoon I finished the mechanical assembly (see photo below) and I am about ready to tackle the electronics. However, before I do I need to do some forum research concerning the gantry. I think that the mounts are not rigid enough and the gantry will end up chattering as it goes up/down. I need to see what others are doing to stiffen the gantry mounts. I am thinking hot melt glue but maybe there is a better way.


As I progress I will post additional updates





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4 Responses to Ordered a 3D Printer

  1. acassis says:

    Hi Celem,
    Did you receive your QU-BD One Up 3D printer?
    I’m working with a Makerbot Replicator 2X, but these printer has some boring issues…


    • celem says:

      I did receive it but have just returned from a long trip and have not finished assembling it. I also have some other distractions so I have not returned to it yet. Maybe next week.


      • acassis says:

        Ok Celem,
        when you mount it please write a post about it. I consider to baker this board at that time, but then give up. Probably I would pay high taxes in the brazillian customhouse, then it should cost me about $400.00 instead of $200.


  2. acassis says:

    Hi Celem!
    Very nice this update. I’m looking forward to see your printer done and printing!


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