SMS Messaging from TL-WR703N

While working with the TL-WR703N router discussed in the post titled “Inexpensive Web Publishing of Arduino/ARM Sourced Data – home automation webserver” I ran across a post on the OpenWRT wiki titled “Send SMS or Email using 3G/GSM modem“. This post describes using a $34 GPRS modem ( item 80032) from the Chinese seller I don’t own the item 80032 GPRS modem but I do own another GPRS modem that I purchased from a year or so ago, It is SKU: 12057 and is currently (maybe forever) out of stock. I wanted to see if I could use it with my TL-WR703N in the same way as described in the OpenWRT wiki post. This is the same GPRS modem that I described in an earlier post titled “Cheap way to add SMS to a Linux PC or microcontroller or Arduino etc.

GPRS Modem

GPRS Modem

I installed picocom onto my TL-WR703N and duplicated OpenWRT wiki post using my cellular telephone number as the destination. The GPRS Modem held the same T-Mobile prepaid SIM that I used with my earlier post about sending SMS messages.

As expected, it worked perfectly using the TL-WR703N to send an SMS message to my cellular telephone. As I continue to work with the TL-WR703N as a peripheral to an Arduino or ARM I can see it as a valuable tool for delivering alerts to my phone triggered by analysis of output from the Arduino or ARM system.

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