Ethernet Module Test

Today some modules were delivered from China. One was a ENC28J60 Ethernet module made by “LC STUDIO”. There are many variants available on eBay – just search eBay for “ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Module”. I purchased mine from Polida via eBay for $4.37 (including shipping), although they can be found for even less. I decided to test it with an Arduino because, well, it is easier than trying to set it up for the ARM board, at least until I get more proficient with ARM. I have made significant progress with ARM, but that is for another, future post.

ENC28J60 Module

ENC28J60 Module

I decided to test with the “webserver” example sketch that is in the EncEthernet library. First I had to research through the Arduino EncEthernet library to verify what pins to use for interfacing with the Arduino. The pin assignments are buried in the library instead of being established in the sketch and passed to the library. This certainly seems wrong to me, but, for now, I’ll live with it. Another problem was that the module’s pin names were different from the Arduino documentation, so I downloaded the schematic to verify that, as well. I also changed the fixed IP address in the webserver sketch to be compatible with my network. Here is the required wiring:

PIN 4 (SO) DIO 12
PIN 5 (SI) DIO 11
PIN 6 (SCK) DIO 13
PIN 7 (CS) DIO 10
PIN 9 (VCC) +3.3V

When I open a web browser and go to address (the address set in the sketch) I see:

Screenshot - 02042013 - 06:26:59 PM

This is a very useful module. I can see lots of applications for it for remote monitoring or control.

There are several usable Ethernet modules being sold on eBay. I have three versions and the have all been tested and work equally well. Just make sure that the module purchased uses a ENC28J60 IC. See the photo below.

Ethernet Modules

Ethernet Modules

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4 Responses to Ethernet Module Test

  1. Jancis says:

    Thank you very much for posting this, i was struggling to get this working. Now when i see it does, i can go and look for better libs or something.

    one thing i needed was to make it arduino ide 1.x compatible which involved changing
    #include “WProgram.h”
    in enc29j60.c


  2. Zohar says:

    Hi Ed

    Thank you for an interesting post.

    You know,most people recommend to avoid the ENC28J60 Ethernet module,
    and instead, recommend using the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet module.

    You did not have any difficulties with it?
    Did you also thry the W5100 one?

    Did you stop writing in this blog?
    I really like it, but am worried since the last post seems to be from 11-March-2013 :/



    • celem says:

      The ENC28J60 Ethernet module worked fine for me, as written about in the blog post. I have not used it beyond the testing reported in the blog post as I devoted my attention in this area to the TL-WR703N, described in a later post, due to its greater capabilities.

      Re “Did you stop writing in this blog?” – no, I have had other distractions. I have a new gadget to post about and just haven’t written it up yet. Soon.


      • Zohar says:

        Hi 🙂


        I really like your blog.
        Alot of useful and interesting things in it 🙂

        Thank you for creating it.



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